One Minute

Red wine Popcorn Lavender colours and white drapes I am spellbound anytime you are near, as if you swallowed the words right out of my body. I love you enough to become a dangerous necessity to your health and well being. Eyes that pierce through my soul and leave my bottom lip quivering. The mention … Continue reading One Minute



Peace Your hearts content is not for success, prosperity or riches, but rather Peace. The peace to inhale your environment and not suffocate from scented weeds. Your heats content is that when you love, your lover will remain loyal to you which will render you asking yourself if you are worthy of such dedication. Your … Continue reading Peace

Netflix & Chill

Sit with me and listen to our thoughts slow grind together Popcorn,couch,contraceptive pills, and the illusion of a platonic time to be spent together to understand each. Tell me about yourself while I nibble on your ear. Confide in me your fears while I shift gear on the rotation of my tongue that is inside … Continue reading Netflix & Chill

Taste My Lips

Taste my lips Moments fixated on the perplexed thought of what is to become on our time shared. Connotations after every word said. Broadening the perspective of what the ideal significant other is.... Height, weight, pleasure points, complexion. All factors that depict the fruit of our lips and the apple of our eyes. Sit and … Continue reading Taste My Lips

Healing Wounds

If time could heal all wounds I would have taken my time healing you. Brought you to the periphery of your flames. From streams to ocean breezes From passion to obsession From fear to amazements Kiss your lips and taste your words. Licked every moan you let escape your body. Esoteric emotions to be expressed … Continue reading Healing Wounds

Wild Is The Wind

Wild is the wind Swiftly dragging my feet through the sand on the ocean's floor. Empty wine glasses once filled with expensive substance Hearing the sound of the wind whispering to me the secret of your  heart. A radiant glow that surrounds you brighter than the sun's rays Fly with me to your safe haven and let … Continue reading Wild Is The Wind