When formality is of less consequence will you allow me to sit at the same table as you to discuss issues of life, poetry, and simplicity.

I am entranced by the complexities of your simplicity. By the standard of society in which you are too high in rank to dine with servants but too exocitc to dine with the lords.

A complicated juncture is where you stand, need I remind you that you are above reducing yourself for the sake of rank, For you are not to be ranked.

How can a beautiful, intelligent, Goddess ever be quantified.

The only criteria is yes.Yes to the concept that you are indeed a masterpiece to be captured. To be placed amongst others. To be looked as equally fit to stand near that of your comrades.

When formality is of less consequence may the skin in which we were given not by choice be just that.

A love so radiant, so pure,innocent, intoxicating, flows from you effortlessly. A love to be reckoned with that the dangers of the world does not frighten nor can it tame this wild beast.

When formality is of less consequences may I become entangled with your sins that are calling like a temptress. For I am a fool to admire you so.

Like a candle in the wind your fire cannot be subtle blown out. A beautiful hymn to be sung, a beautiful painting to be admired.

A beautiful spirit is you.


When formality is of less consequences. May I dine with you. Not for the pleasure of my own reservations but for history in the making.


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