If the sun could caress you it would do it like I do every morning. Softly enough for your eyes to open

And for God to know that his greatest creation still lives, to cause beautiful havoc on the earth.

The illusion in your eyes illuminates the soul in I. Your glow is immortal and it sits above my window constant like the moon

My reminder that you are not like the human beings. Your playground is in the bosoms of God’s hands.

I am swept off my feet by the temptress of your love. Blinded by the beauty that leaves you and returns like a boomerang.

Love brought my ass home last night

I have met you before in another life and I fell in love with you. The only difference this time is that you an art I can touch and hold

Your stripes are like gold medals and every crack in you is beautiful m your beauty is unimpeachable….


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