Pen & Paper

Succinct expressions, with no delay on when it is to be executed

I sharpen my tongue like the horsemen sharpens his weapon.

Wanting to kill with quick ease. One strike

I took a break from you.

I needed a break from you.

I deserved a break from you

Laying down on my back. With sweet dreams of the future.

Sade puts me in a trance and I quickly elope with the yearning, burning desire of being comforted by a substance so rare, so eloquent. That it bares no name

I took the break to be amazed by the aesthetic of the bullshit individuals called friends , turned delinquents ushered my way.

I closed my eyes and woke up to realise that I missed you.

Long late night talks of me flourishing my undying, unwavering love to you. I missed the sense of joy I received whenever I was in your presence.

I missed you.

I missed pouring out my soul onto your canvas as we both flourished at the finished masterpiece

I missed making sweet passionate love to you in ways that no man has ever been able to.

I missed the curl in my toes, the sweat on my lower back, the ritual biting of the bottom lip when we were through.

I missed your long strokes, your touch, your warmth, your embrace.

I missed your stagnant, adamant pursue to please me in every way possible.

I missed you

(Words from a poet to her most prized possession… Her pen and paper)


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