Taste My Lips

Taste my lips

Moments fixated on the perplexed thought of what is to become on our time shared.

Connotations after every word said. Broadening the perspective of what the ideal significant other is….

Height, weight, pleasure points, complexion. All factors that depict the fruit of our lips and the apple of our eyes.

Sit and converse over the topics that are seldom discussed in our daily separate lives with dull individuals who sit on their pretentious seats.

Pour your soul and dreams into my vessel, I long to be awakened by the opposite sex.

Sapiosexual with the highest sex drive. Drill me with topics of race, social injustice, religious freedom, political corruption, lifestyles with consequences.

Enter in me a world of new adventure and perspective yet to be taught to mankind. Lay in a momentum of simplistic complexities.

Pour champagne into the glass as we sit and discuss how Mona Lisa by daneglo can be parallel to the phenomenal women Maya Angelou wrote about. Or how nas was more deep than Jay Z ever was.

Or how Kanye is full of himself and lives in a pretence world where he is the king.

Or how Eryka Badu and Lauryn Hill can be argued to be best r&b singers with a message to date.

Taste my lips and feel my words. Taste my lips and feel my passion…. Taste my lips and feel my aggressive interest.

Lay down with me, rip off my clothes, plant your seed…. Grow in me a world future living legends.

Taste my lips…. Taste my lips… Taste my lips


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