Like a temptress you’ve enchanted me

I am now fixated on drinking the substance from your well

Wishing that this spell you’ve placed never fades away

Command me to abide by your rules

I want to touch you and make love to your skin.

You’ve been on my mind

You’ve been on my mind

I want to eat your words through your sweet kisses.

This dinner table is tasteless without you here

I am an addict to your convictions

Arrest me for I am a culprit who has stolen your presence

Tear in me your plans for me

I want to fall victim to your temptations

Take away my sanity and lay beside me

As I slowly trace you with the tips of my fingers

The melody behind your moans is my muse

So allow me to make an orchestra out of you

Make music with me

I give in to you

I want you dripping like the raindrops you are

Quench my dry life

You are the oasis

Nomadic to your movements, I can’t sit still when it comes to you

Like the sweetest alcohol you penetrate deep in me that I begin to feel you in my veins

I want your bite marks to leave scars on my body

I don’t know how to feel without your instructions

I am opaque to the world without your guidance,

Tell me you miss me the way I want you.

I want you to want me the way a ying needs their yang

Do you think about me still?

~ Voodoo


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