Netflix & Chill

Sit with me and listen to our thoughts slow grind together
Popcorn,couch,contraceptive pills, and the illusion of a platonic time to be spent together to understand each. Tell me about yourself while I nibble on your ear. Confide in me your fears while I shift gear on the rotation of my tongue that is inside of you

I want to know what makes you upset while I focus on your focal points slowly undressing you as you undress me, and we exchange body flavours and you become my favourite taste for a few hours

Then you pack up what wasnt there to begin with… My interest

Don’t ask me to Netflix and Chill with you. I want to build grow, change the economy and maybe learn from you.

I want to understand the song of your lips. Disagree to be moved by you.

I want to sit and embrace your presence without the false pretence of genuine interest.

Don’t ask me to Netflix and Chill.

I want to respect you and place you on a pedestal and not a roster where I pet you still when it’s convienent for me.

I want to respect your mind where making love to you is worth the wait.

Give me a reason to know you beyond the couch and bed.

Don’t ask me to Netflix and Chill.
Ask me about world politics as you solicit my mind for depth beyond the words I am saying.

Don’t ask me to Netflix and chill. Ask me how my day went, as you tell me yours. This is not a cry for attention but rather a plea for revaluation. Shift your gears if you want to be near me.

Don’t ask me to Netflix and Chill Netflix-Chill-Mug-14Netflix-Chill-Mug-14


One thought on “Netflix & Chill

  1. I love how you word your thoughts. It’s almost poetic from what I absorbed. I also really liked this piece, I will be sharing it to my friends and boyfriend because I do believe that the whole netflix and chill doesn’t allow us to connect with our partner as much. I can testify that based on my experience too haha. Loved this + followed.


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