One Minute

one minuteRed wine


Lavender colours and white drapes

I am spellbound anytime you are near, as if you swallowed the words right out of my body. I love you enough to become a dangerous necessity to your health and well being.

Eyes that pierce through my soul and leave my bottom lip quivering. The mention of your name leaves my body weak, trembling looking for an escape route that leads straight to your soul.

You are a puzzle I must solve, a picture to be mounted on the bedroom wall. You’ve placed a spell on me and I give in to your demands. Command me to be well

I don’t want you, but want you at the same time. You are a constant battle with what I need and what I don’t deserve.

It is wrong to want you the way I do, but the consequence of having you is worth the consequence because what is right and wrong can never be fixed.

So hold me and let our breath flow in sync.

Hold me while I hold you as our troubles disappear. Hold me like you will never let me go.

Hold me like I am your life support. Hold me until this sin becomes born again.

Hold me like I am worth the struggle. Hold me because I am heaven and you are God.

Hold me because peace does not exist without we. Hold me because I am the food to your hunger.

Hold me because I am the shelter to your storm. Hold me because letting go would mean going back to reality and that is something we dare not dream.

Hold me because life is life with me by your side. Hold me because in this last minute of you being with me has given us a satisfying high.

For this past minute I heard reason and felt life sit still. For that reason, I am grateful.

I would do it all over again, only if you grant me ….

One minute


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