Tainted Flickering lights in a room full of darkened rays Heavy words that sit on the periphery of your lips Scared to let them sit amongst us and dance with the atmosphere So we sit, sip and stare I see the desire burning in your eyes and see the roaring beast in your subtle movements … Continue reading Tainted



Eden They say men rule the world But women are the root of all evil A woman is the second most powerful thing next to God. She is the cause for death and the reason for a second coming. Single handedly destroyed the world with the fruit of her lips and restored it with the … Continue reading Eden

February In Rome

February in Rome Rose petals. Rose petals. Rose petals February in Rome felt like rain petals kissing my lips, soft, delicate, light. Where art, religion, literature, language sit at the periphery of single handedly influencing modern society. I write of a life that is spent lived in transparency. Wheres Horaces decrees that happy is the … Continue reading February In Rome

Arrest Me

Arrest Me If cherishing my culture Roots, ancestry is a crime Please arrest me I am guilty for being black Guilty for loving the skin I am in. Arrest me for adoring this God giving melanin. Arrest me for understanding that the economy which the forefathers built Was through the labour of my ancestors Cotton … Continue reading Arrest Me