Arrest Me

Arrest Me

If cherishing my culture

Roots, ancestry is a crime

Please arrest me

I am guilty for being black

Guilty for loving the skin I am in.

Arrest me for adoring this God giving melanin.

Arrest me for understanding that the economy which the forefathers built

Was through the labour of my ancestors

Cotton pickin’ cotton pickin

Atlantic slave trade

Arrest me for awakening my subconscious mind to understand

That my table is as good to dine at just like yours

Arrest me for appreciating:

The drums of the African deserts

The stories of the elders.

I was blessed with this skin I am in.

If I had my way I would ask God permission

To create me in this same skin

I am proud beyond the history lessons that are taught

A few and far between of my people.

I am aware that I come from a royal regime.

So when you address me do it properly because

you are talking to a person with prestige

Arrest me for clinching my fist placing , it in the air

Not to fear anyone, but rather to showcase




Identifying with all my brothers

Arrest me for loving myself and understanding I do matter

Arrest me for shinning light to the atrocities done to my kind

Sandra Bland

Flint Michigan

Ferguson Missouri


Arrest me for being educated

Arrest me for understanding my worth

Arrest me AFTER reading me my Miranda rights

Arrest me for becoming the reality to Martin’s dream

By any means necessary

Arrest me for being

Young. Gifted & Black

If cherishing my culture

Roots, ancestry is a crime

Please arrest me


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