They say men rule the world
But women are the root of all evil

A woman is the second most powerful thing next to God.

She is the cause for death and the reason for a second coming. Single handedly destroyed the world with the fruit of her lips and restored it with the warmth of her womb.

Where Eve met Mary..

A woman’s power is a beautiful curse. She has the power to cause man to disobey God and man lose his strength

Where Adam met Sampson

A woman is a dignified creature taken from Man and perfected to suit his weakness.

A woman is God’s art of his wrath and the reminder of his many wonders.

She has the power to stop traffic and brighten  darkness

Turn a lethargic man into a saint. She seduces with every part of her body from her smile, to her hips, to her hair, to her lips,… She is tailored with weapons of mass destruction

She is the Sunday school teacher and the  Saturday pole dancer

She is the first thing on your mind  and the last on someone else’s mind.

She is and will forever be an untamed creature. Even the dangers she possess will not allow anyone to cage her.

A sight to behold and a fruit to taste… She is



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