Flickering lights in a room full of darkened rays

Heavy words that sit on the periphery of your lips

Scared to let them sit amongst us and dance with the atmosphere

So we sit, sip and stare

I see the desire burning in your eyes and see the roaring beast in your subtle movements

I touch you with the velvet glove wrapped around my words as they penetrate their way through your walls of China

The caviar and wine become your focus…

Look at me and let me tear your clothes apart, lick your moans, stroke your desires, lay you down on rose petals as I embark on the eccentricities of your body.

Go against your grain while my eyes stay fixed on the expressions you are trying hard to control.

Flip you over and watch you try to escape from yourself as you indulge with yourself suck the words out of every body part of yours. Paint a memory with our sweat…. You quench me

Leaving you trembling as I rotate my tongue around your fears and slow grind with your thoughts

The opaqueness you have created is injustice  to the glory that awaits only if you allow yourself to see

Look at me …… (Writers Block)


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