Hey John Pt. II

The voice was seductive as it was frightening. “John, you seem like a smart man with many credentials. Going to the police station however makes me worry about your thinking skills.” I did not know whether to run, cry or scream. I wanted to do all the above. The one chance I had in figuring out why I was shipped to  New York was now in the hands of my kidnapper who was now speaking to me on the phone. “I don’t know what you want, or why you would think I am some ideal candidate for this assassination plot you have against one of the most prominent business moguls in the world. Look I won’t go to the police but please just let me go. Let me go back home,” I had lost all sense of pride and now begging seemed like the only sensible thing for me to do. The phone was silent for a few moments. The voice cleared its throat and with such ease gave me orders that I surprisingly obeyed. It was as if the fear had transferred into complete obedience. “John, I like you but you’re talking too much. The only sensible thing you said in your plea for freedom was that you aren’t going to the police station. Good boy! Get into a cab and ask the driver to take you to Nucee, ask for reservations under Alice Donkins and await your next set of instructions. Toss this phone in the garbage before you head to the cab. Click!” and just like that the voice was gone and I was back to square one, following orders.

I tossed the phone in a nearby garbage, flagged down a cab and told the driver to take me to the restaurant I was instructed to go to. After a 15-minute drive I arrived at my destination. I paid for the fare and got out. The restaurant turned out to be a high class restaurant, looking around the tables I felt undressed. The feelings I had for my clothing had to be suppressed for the mission at hand. “I am here for Alice Donkins, we have reservations.” I said as  I approached the hostess. “Right this way sir,” she walked to a corner of the restaurant and sat me on a table that was close to the window of the restaurant. The view was somewhat convenient because  I was able to see whoever came into the restaurant. “I must tell you that Alice is not here however, she called saying she would be 15 mins late, and that you should start without her. Here is the menu, take a look and your waiter will be with you soon” she gave me the menu and left. Hatred was not enough for what I felt for the people that forced me to into this predicament.

I was browsing through the menu when suddenly Mr. O’Brien walked in with a lady who was old enough to be his daughter but their behaviour towards one another did not resemble any daughter father relationship. He was polite enough to pull her chair out for her. He sat across from her and motioned for the waiter to come to their table. They whispered a few words, shared a few giggles and the waiter left after scribbling their order on a flip notebook. About two minutes later the waiter came to their table to give them their drinks  and take their  order. Just then another waiter came to my table “Hi sir, I see your guest is not yet here, shall I get you something to drink whilst you wait?” the waitress had a beautiful smile but something about her seemed familiar. Which is absurd considering the fact that I was literally new to the city. She carried an aroma about her that didn’t sit well with me. “Can I please start off with water for now.” She smiled “Sure, I will be right back” and with that she left. The atmosphere seemed different, I was more unsure of myself now more than ever. I still had the gun in my back pants and the target right in front of me. I could easily take the shot. The silencer was on so no one would hear the gunshot all they would see is O’Brien down. The restaurant would be in chaos; people would be scrambling all over the place trying to take cover. I would be able to use this to my advantage and leave just as swiftly as I came. No, No, No I couldn’t believe that I was creating a plot to kill someone all because I was kidnapped and woke up with a gun in my hand and execution instructions planted ever so neatly on the coffee table. I rubbed my hands over my face and slightly scratched my beard.  I began thinking about my life back home in London. My boys and I would probably be finishing up at the office ready to go to Jeffery’s house to watch some shows and talk about girls, normal guy stuff. The waitress brought my water and brought me back from my fantasy when she placed my water on my table. “Thanks, I won’t be ordering anything until my guest arrives which should be in the next 5 mins or so.” She nodded her head and left. I watched her as she passed by O’Brien’s table, who had received their appetizer. I continued staring but behind O’Brien there was someone else sitting who was watching me.

My heart began to race and all the fears that disappeared suddenly came back with an amazing force. The man watching me did not keep his eye off me and had an unwelcoming look on his face, I was sure he was sent to keep an eye on me to see whether or not I would actually stick to the plan of killing O’Brien. Sweat formed on my forehead and I began perspiring heavily. It’s now or never John, you tried running and they caught you. There is no way out of this. This was the thought going through my mind, and with that I picked up the napkins on the table and positioned them in a way that could possibly hide the gun. “God please forgive me!” were the final words I whispered just then I placed my hand at my back to get  the gun. I did a quick 360 scan to see where the cameras were positioned, luckily for me none of the cameras were facing me. I slowly placed the gun next to me and picked up one of the napkins to hold the gun and place underneath the little napkin tepee I created. I was pretty sure that what I was doing was wrong but then again I have never been trained on how to kill someone in public without anyone noticing. I was a rookie to the game. I shifted my focus on the teepee for a split second and focused again on O’Brien the only difference was the guy sitting behind him was no longer there. My heart was racing faster than Usain Bolt. Was I overreacting about the man who was staring or could he just have had a staring problem and not be part of this assassination plot?. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened it I stared in O’Brien’s direction and the staring bandit was no longer there. I did not know what to do at this time. I had no more time to waste so I placed the gun underneath my teepee, with my hand on the trigger. The position I was placed at gave me a clean shot at his arm or if I aimed well the side of his head. The kidnappers thought this through with precision. I told myself to count to three and take a deep breath before I pull the trigger. One. Two. Three. Deep breath… “Hi sir, your guest called in and wanted to inform you that she had to cancel and she will contact you to reschedule.” My waitress came in the nick of time had I applied more pressure on the trigger she would have been shot. A sigh of relief came over me, I was shaking tremendously and still had the gun in my  hand underneath my teepee. “Alright, thank you, this has honestly been the longest 15 minutes of my life, yet I haven’t really studied the menu, I might order something to go give me a few minutes” she gave a devilish smile when she made the statement “Sure. take all the time you need”. I was shaking ridiculously at this point, the waitress was my sign to run. But to where? I was in a completely different city with eyes watching my every step. I had no other option, I decided to give this another try so I positioned myself at a an angle that would allow me to a clean shot of  his arm instead of his chest. I am not a trained shooter or assassin so I was surprised I came up with all of these techniques. Last time. Count to three and deep breath. One. Two. Three. Deep breathe….

The lights went out and three shots rang. Brap!Brap!Brap! People were yelling, I heard plates crashing on the floor. Suddenly in the mist of all this chaos I felt a sharp needle like pain in my neck and before I knew it the room became darker than it was. I woke up and I was back in the hotel room this time there was no gun in my hand, however I still had a massive headache. The room was spinning out of control, and the events of the previous night were replaying in my mind. I know I counted to three but I did not pull the trigger. The gun was missing and I was scared now  more than ever. Before heading to the washroom to freshen up I did a thorough search of the hotel room for the gun but it was nowhere to be found it had completely vanished into thin air. This confused me the more but I decided to take a shower, brush my teeth and then try to make sense of all that was going on. After the shower I came back to the living area of the room and the TV had been switched on, my heart immediately started racing because I know I did not turn on the TV. Whoever did has placed it on the news and they were talking about the shooting that took place yesterday at the restaurant.

The news anchor was reporting on the chaos that took place with people scrambling all around the restaurant and the power outage that rarely happens. The anchor woman then reported “Witnesses say they saw a man flee the scene wearing a blue baseball cap, a white T-shirt and blue jeans. Police say he might be the primary suspect. He is described as 6’3”, medium build with a beard. Police are urging the public not to approach this man who is said to be armed and dangerous. If you see this man or anyone with his description you are urged to call 911. Back to you Ron.” Then my life started flashing before my eyes. They described me as the primary suspect and described everything I had on that day. The most confusing part of this all was that I don’t remember leaving the restaurant, I felt a needle like pain in my neck and then I woke up the next day in my room. I made my way to the bedroom and saw the gun on the bed. I approached the bed and the gun had a note attached to it. I picked up the gun and the note read… Gotcha!! Next mission on its way, wait for details. Just then a loud bang came from the main door. Bang! Bang! Bang! My  heart starts pounding. Who could it be? The police?…  (what happens next? Stay tuned to find out)


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