Hey John PT III


The knock came again and I stood there frozen, cold and dripping wet, wrapped in my towel. I slowly walked to the door and couldn’t believe the person standing there. It was the guy with the staring problem from the restaurant. How in God’s name did he find me? This made absolutely no sense to me. “What do you want?” I asked him through the door. He stood there with a somewhat disappointed look on his face. The disappointed look was followed with a devilish grin, he stared straight into the peephole and placed his hand into one of the plastic bags he was carrying and pulled out my gun. I can’t believe I was calling it my gun now, his devilish grin reappeared and he softly said “I have something you might be looking for”. Those words warranted my opening the door for him. I was more confused because the gun on my bed with the note on it looked identical to mine but yet he was holding my gun. I recognised it due to the napkin wrapped around it, this was the napkin from the restaurant.   He strolled in wearing the same outfit he was wearing yesterday. “I wasn’t going to knock but I forgot the key on the table when I left. You take long showers I was able to watch some news before I went to the restaurant to pick up my food.” He sat at the desk and took out the container from the bag. Whatever it was he ordered had a smell that was enhancing my appetite.

He started digging in and completely ignored the fact that I was there. “I brought you one as well I figured with all the needles you’ve been injected with you could use some food to eat.” He took out another container and attempted to hand it to me I ignored him.  He shrugged his shoulders and placed the food on the table, what was more upsetting was the fact that he acted as if we were the best of friends. “Who are you, and what am I doing here? I don’t understand what is going on.” I said looking at him dead in the eye. He ignored my question and continued eating. Just as I was about to send a plethora of questions his way he took out the gun and placed it on the table, wiped his mouth and motioned for me to give him a second. “Sorry I was raised never to talk with my mouthful, by the way my name is Vincent, nice to formally make your acquaintance.” He stretched out his hand for a handshake but I did not make any attempts to touch it. “Well someone is in a grumpy mood. Anyways I am your watch dog since you screwed up yesterday, now you are a  suspect whose description is being aired  all over the news, but not to worry Vincent is here to save the day.” He moved past me and made his way to the bedroom, he lifted the mattress and to my surprise the documents that I thought vanished were neatly arranged under the mattress.

He brought most of them to the table and motioned for me to sit, but again I ignored him. “You need to cut this Momma’s boy behavior you’re exhibiting, you woke up in a different city, you miss your mom and sister and that fine big ass girlfriend of yours. Believe me they are all fine. Stop crying and put on some big boy pants. You were chosen for a mission so do it and get back home to the ladies in your life.” He said these words with a tease planted deep inside the fake sympathy he was showing me. How he knew my family seemed irrelevant to ask considering how well my kidnapping went. “Leave my family out of your mouth” my teeth were cringed together, with my fist balled up. “Johnny my good man, My mouth is the exact place they should be, first I’d start with your girlfriend then make my way to your sister and save that smoking hot mother of yours for last” after he made that statement all lights went out. I picked up the gun, pushed him against the wall and pointed the gun right at his face. “Don’t you dare get disrespectful with me, I maybe a novice in this game but that doesn’t mean I will be quiet whilst you disrespect my family.” Thinking he was going to be serious and recant his statement he decided to add more oil to the fire, he smiled and said “You wouldn’t dare.” Back at it again with this devilish grin. I pulled the safety back pointed the pistol to his forehead. “Try me.” The anger has been sitting in me since I woke up in this God forsaken city and now I had this punk standing in front of me ridiculing me.

Violence seemed to be the only choice of medicine I needed to cure this sickness. My hand was slightly shaking but I did not lose focus. “At least you know how to properly hold a gun and get the safety off. Go dry up so I can tell you what’s going on and spill the beans.” That was the only statement he made that I could not ignore, I was still wet and in my towel. I slowly stepped away from him and turned around before I could take another step I felt something on my head. “Now John you are a nice guy but the next time you do some shit like… I don’t know point a gun in my face I will KILL YOU and enjoy every minute of it. You don’t try me.” Vincent had the gun at the back of my head, I was not scared of him so I  turned around and faced him. Our eyes locked and I gave him the same grin he gave me. “You wouldn’t dare” and with that I made my way to the room.  My closet was stacked with clothing for the average guy: black jogging pants and clean white T-shirt was the outfit for the day. I starred at the mirror for a while and saw something I had never seen before. Confidence. I was not scared anymore, I was more confident that my life was safer in the hands of the kidnappers who were watching my every move. I had my own body guard and now he was waiting for me. Life couldn’t be sweeter. I came back to the living room area, Vincent was going through the blue prints and made some notes.


According to the debrief Vincent gave me we were given orders to wait for a cellphone to arrive hidden in one of the trays from Room service before we make our next move. Until then we were not allowed to do anything. “I don’t get why I am being framed for a crime I didn’t commit. I don’t even  remember fleeing the crime scene.” I began pacing the room trying to make sense of it all. No matter how many times I questioned Vincent he would not budge on who he was working for. He even brought up the Police station, McDonald escapade that happened, one of the main reasons he was sent to the restaurant was to make sure I did exactly what I was told. “There is a file missing…Check under the mattress it should have a red highlighter going through it.” Vincent told me and I made my way to the bedroom. I lifted the mattress and there it was. “Does this mean its classified? Usually things that are marked red are very important and or classified.” My curiosity caused me to glance through the file. They were email and text messages from various numbers. Call me. She knows. Why haven’t you told me yet?  The only consistent thing about these messages is the number the messages was directed to.

I heard a knock on the door; I guess room service finally arrived. But I was still trying to make sense of the document at hand. I was able to grasp that it was an affair between one person and multiple individuals; all but one number was consistent in the messages. But I learnt that numbers should not be taken for face value. This was a code probably between the same person using different numbers. At this point conspiracy theories had become a normal aspect of my life. I was caught up with reading that I forgot Vincent was in the other room.  “Joh- Jo, John!!!” I heard Vincent yell out. I ran out to see him in a pool of blood. Before I could react I had a gun pointed to the back of my head. “John, don’t move. I wouldn’t want to kill you too.”


(Stay tuned for Pt. IV)


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