Nocturnal Conversation

Nocturnal Conversation

Darkened atmosphere with a ray of artificial HD lights hitting your vision..

Small gestures lead to cognitive peregrination. An oasis

I sit thinking about the ways to leave hints that my winks do not imply a childish game of I think I like you. Rather that I need you to be my future and I your rihana. Hope I’m not sounding to desperate

For the depths of this conversation can not be seen in the daylight. The flesh eats away at every syllable, every punctuation. The long pauses. Waiting to give the correct antiphon to the soothing melody the conversation has created.

Late nights texts…. Will give you a new perspective on the individual.

Conjuring thoughts, rebuttals, connotations  and anxiety. Hoping you haven’t overstepped your boundaries.


Sending a text message and waiting for the respond. Hoping, praying, it will not fog up the respondents perception. Counting every second, millisecond, and then they reply with words that stimulate your body.
Almost as if the response had escaped from the phone and now caressing your body.. Until it stops.. No more replies

They’ve fallen asleep …nocturnal conversations


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