From the moment I took my first breath God said beautiful.

He said DAMN

He was amazed with the beauty of his hands.
The meticulous detail he placed on the soles of my head to the tip of my toe

He was amazed with his creation that is I.

He said to his angels that I am going to bring glory to his name just by simply walking the earth.

He promised to elevate me to mountaintops my enemies couldn’t reach

He needs me.
I have left him many a times simply for the ignorance of my own worth. Yet he finds a way to create a Nexus that links me back to him.

He needs me
He knows that I am worthy of a title he has ordained in my name waiting for me to claim my throne.

I am a walking testimony to glories and blessings that I have not yet claimed.

I am the butter to the bread at the last supper. I am the glory and the divine.

The missing piece my husband will soon find. I am the gold buried deep within the rock that will be chipped away with persecution.

Persecution from individuals who think they are tearing me down but fail to see they are building me up. Helping me to create my empire.

I am a verified narcissist. I have been given the permission from God himself to be proud of who he has made me and what he will continue to do. He has granted me the opportunity to look at myself and be amazed by his fingertips.

My worth is not to be calculated by the souls of the world but the angles who have walked side by my side

I am the Sunday kind of love Etta spoke about. That kind of love that keeps your toes curled after hearing my voice.

I am beautiful beyond the paintings of any Renaissance.

I have been given the glory of rising above my trials. Which are custom made for my shoulders to bare.

Trials that remind me whenever I forget

That when God created me, and placed air in my lungs he stood back and said



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