AfroBeats & The Movement

Make I dey your body like skin tight is the stanza that has taken the world by storm. It has been featured on various celebrity snapchats from Kylie Jenner, Rita Ora to Justine Skye. Now the infamous track performed by Nigerians hottest up and coming artist Mr. Eazi, Ghana’s soulful Queen Efya, produced by London’s up and coming producer DJ Juls has received a lot of attention from fans and artists from across the globe. After the hype and response of people worldwide of the well-orchestrated song it has been confirmed that it will be remixed featuring Wizkid and Justine Skye. This was confirmed when all of the artists (Mr. Eazi, Wizkid & Justine Skye) tweeted each other confirming the song and creating the anticipation for the release date, since they did not disclose when the remixed version will be dropping. Nonetheless, we can assume the track will be dropping in the next couple of weeks since Justine Skye hinted in her tweet (@wizkidayo@mreazi they’re not readyyyyyyy, summer tune for sure…. ).

One can say that in the past couple of years the African music industry has undoubtedly gained an enormous fan base from across the world. Now more than ever the UK afrobeat scene has seen a plethora of support from listeners all over the globe. Evident with the collaboration between Mr. Eazi and DJ Juls. Another key factor that displayed the success of the Afrobeat genre was exquisitely displayed when Lauryn Hill showcased various African/ UK Afrobeat performers in her Tidal African Diaspora Show, which included the acts of Mr. Eazi, E.L, The Compozers, Stonebwoy and many more. Lauryn Hill’s performance at the Tidal show displayed her interest in the Afrobeat genre this was beautifully displayed by her band when she sung Ex-Factor which carried an Afrobeat vibe to it as well as a two minute harmonious freestyle where she repeated the simple lyrics of “If you want it, and I want it then why can’t we?” Videos circulated the web displaying the events that took place after the show where Lauryn Hill congratulated The Compozers and said “It’s time to cross the water and make that serious connection. Let them know what the Afrobeats is all about.” That moment was greatly appreciated by Lauryn Hill fans as well as The Compozers fan base.

Many UK Afrobeat artists and producers have seen the support of their work. Since most of the artist and producers use Soundcloud as their platform of sharing their music which showcases the amount of plays and likes their work songs receives.. Humbleness and gratitude are words that describe the artists and producers appreciation for the amount of views they receive. London Producer LekaaBeats has produced various tracks that each has had over 50,000 plays on Soundcloud. He recently confirmed that he is now being mentored by Boi1da who is known to have produced various tracks for Drake, DJ Khaled, Nicki Minaj and much more. There are many new faces that are slowly making their appearance and mark within the Afrobeat regime. Artists such as Akua Music is definitely a talent that will capture many people. She will be releasing a new single titled Promise to you on May 18th, 2016. This song has a laid back vibe that will definitely make you nod your head as you listen to the song. She refers to this song as her comeback and can’t wait for people to vibe to the beat. We can’t wait to see what she has in store.

Another artist to look out for is Eugy Official who recently featured  Mr. Eazi for the song titled Dance For Me. This song has also received a huge amount of support from the globe especially with the infamous line “Shoki, shoki, Mi si Alkadhayi , baby dance for me and dab” this stanza has been circulating the web with various people creating dance routines for the song. Lastly another artist to look out for who is slowly making placing his mark in the Afrobeat movement is Nigerian UK artist Zizibo who released a song titled Pamilayo which was released on Soundcloud and has has been played over 20,000 times. Zizbibo is expecting to release an EP/ LP in the next few months that will showcase how diverse of an artist he is. He has also partnered up with and up and coming songwriter from Toronto, Whitney Smith and will be releasing a song titled All For You in the next few weeks. Music is a universal language that caters to the soul, spirit, body and mind. The beauty of music is the way it brings everyone together regardless of your ethnicity. The beauty behind music is the simple fact that it is truly a priceless necessity humans need in order to survive.

We cannot muster the idea of a world without music. It is simply unthinkable. This new musical movement catering towards the Afrobeat Regime is one that has been long overdue. I encourage the up and coming artist to stay true to their roots and allow it to manifest in their art. It is also imperative to collaborate with people outside of your comfort zone. Mr. Eazi has showed the success that can come by collaborating with people from different countries. I urge songwriters, singers and producers to continue to reach out and collaborate with various individuals. Like the African proverb says “A single stick may smoke, but it will not burn” it is time that the African music movement light up the entire world.


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