Don’t settle

You deserve orgasms off words too.
You deserve the soles of your feet to walk on nothing but gold
You deserve to be loved by thousands, truth be told you deserve Gods adoration

Like the Kadupul Flower, you can not be bought.
A rare necessity the world needs. A Picasso masterpiece.
The definition of life rests on your lips, and every time you speak someone lives.

Never allow yourself to fall victim to being afraid of change.
Looking forward means understanding that things will never be the same.
That your destiny has been preordained from the creator who upon creating you took a deep breath and said
You’re Beautifully made

You are the danger that awaits the curious soul
The danger that calls the young boy home
The danger that lies within everyone who wants to eventually fall in love

You are love
You are the epitome of grace
You are the Interchange piece of art

The words could not say much but remind you
Just how precious you are


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