On Bended Knees

He told me to kneel down and trust the words that will escape him next.
He held my hands and looked directly at me and told me to pray
Closing my eyes and opening my lips I obeyed

Trying to allow my submission to birth an aggression for the words I had longed to mention
This feeling was surreal that the man I grew affection for was keeping it real
Had me kneeling before him without convicting me to have a discussion with his tool of procreation

Rather he was bringing me to a nation that sung songs of praises
A nation that held the highest ranking success stories in the world
Here I was, knocking on heavens door

Stood beside me was a King fit for me to serve
Yet he made me his equal
Told me to pray as he led me to the land of the promised

The only man that had me feel a sense of humanity
Treated me like a princess and showed no sign of wavering his truth
For the first time I was on bended knees due to a man who saw the worth in me

I submit to his command because he nurtures the faith out of me.
He caresses the ambition from my being
Challenging me to become a better person before his God

On bended knees I once trusted
And on bended knees shall I trust once more.

(Writers Block)


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