Hey John Pt. IV

The voice sounded familiar. I knew I heard the tone before. Vincent was staring at my face as he held onto his chest. He was shot in the chest and if he didn’t get help soon he would die. “You have something I need, the files that are in your hand, I am going to need you to place them on the table so I can skedaddle on out of here.” The gunman nudged my head with the gun and followed me to the table. I stood there holding the files and I took a look at Vincent to see if there was a signal he could give me and he did. He nodded. I placed the files on the table and turned around to face the gunman. It was the waitress from the restaurant. I knew something was off about her, the aroma she carried did not sit well with me the moment she approached my table and now I know why. “Surprised to see me? How cute. I didn’t know why you were so concentrated on O’Brien but when I saw Vincent I knew I just had to come in. Hiding the gun under the napkins was cute; I could tell you were a rookie so I decided to help you out. The staging of the blackout plus the gunshot was all my idea. You were taking too long. I wanted to find you but when you disappeared I figured he came to get you” she said pointing to Vincent. “So I called the anonymous help tip line and left them with your description telling them you were the shooter. Pretty decent right?” She picked the file and made her way to the door. My gun was sitting on the couch I ran to pick it up. “Don’t move” I was pointing the gun at her and she smiled. I don’t know if smiling was a trend for people in New York who had guns pointed at them. “If I die. So does Ashley.” Those words she said caused me to slowly lower my gun. It was concluded that the waitress  was an enemy to my kidnappers and me as well , how  she knew my family by name. Ashley is my sister’s name and I couldn’t afford to let anything happen to her. I started to lower the gun until eventually I placed it on the table.  “Good boy, it is so hard finding people who listen nowadays. Thanks for the files. Hope to do business with you soon. Poor Vincent .Rest in peace you bastard” those were her last words and she left as swiftly as she came. I ran to Vincent’s side but he was not moving anymore. I attempted to touch him when he yelled “Don’t touch me.” Just then he slowly got up from the floor. What they flying F… I moved back and nearly tripped myself.  He wasn’t dead?  “I need you to clean this mess up, before the cleaners get in” He said as he slowly got up from the pool of his blood. He must have been wearing some protective gear but either way he was still hit pretty badly. There was blood spewing from his right abdomen. “We were given instructions to wait for the phone call. Don’t leave this room until you get the phone call.” Is this guy crazy? Instead of getting medical attention he wants to wait for a phone call? “Are you stupid Vince? You were just shot, and need medical attention and now you’re asking me to clean the crime scene and wait for a phone call, Get out of here with that nonsense.” I attempted to approach him “No!” he screamed. “You think I am playing? This is some real shit.” He got up and nearly stumbled. He took off his shoes and walked to the door. “Clean this shit up. There is some bleach and some Lysol in the bathroom, underneath the sink. . Make sure you wipe the door handles too. No one was here. Make sure of that.  Oh, yeah most importantly. Do not leave until you get the phone call.” The door shut behind him and yet again I was standing in a whirlpool of thoughts, emotions and frustration. This “mission” I was called to do was complicated enough but this event that just took place now left my mind doing jumping jacks.

I went to the washroom grabbed the materials listed underneath the sink and started cleaning the mess. It took me about an hour and half given the amount of blood Vincent lost. After the clean-up my appetite surprisingly increased. I was about to head out the door to grab a bite but then I remembered the warning Vincent gave me (Do not leave until you get the phone call) a bunch of bullshit is what I thought that was. Just then I remembered the food Vincent brought for me; it was neatly placed on the mini coffee table in the room. I went to go eat and not too long after I was asleep, luckily for me it was on my own terms. I must have been asleep for hours because when I woke up it was pitch black outside. There was a loud ringing noise in my ear and it didn’t stop. My head wasn’t hurting me so I was confused as to why my ears were ringing. Then I realised it was the room phone. Like a lightning bolt I jumped up and ran to the bedroom and picked up the phone. “He-Hello.” I answered trying to be as calm as possible but my excitement, fear and paranoia was clear as water. “John.” This was the voice of the lady who instructed me to kill O’Brien a few days back. She had a seductive tone to her voice it was dangerous yet calm. The kind of voice to turn any aggressive man submissive. “Hi” I said cowardly. I was getting all nervous and anxious about the phone conversation. “How are you doing?” she asked. I was more nervous about how calm and casual she was being. “Umm I am fine, and yourself?” this was funny, and awkward and confusing all together.  “I am well thanks for asking. Umm John, Vincent told me about the unpleasant surprise you received from his ex –girlfriend earlier today and how you wanted to help him out. So kind of you.” There was an awkward silence on the phone but it was soon broken with her seductive voice. “How about this get some rest for tonight and umm tomorrow around let’s say 6pm I will give you another call and we will decide what to do from there okay? Alright then. Goodnight.” The phone went off and I was standing there with the phone in my hand.

I couldn’t leave and I was hungry, I should have asked whether that meant that I was prohibited from leaving the room.  Just then the phone rang and I picked up. “Oh yeah, John I forgot to tell you that the orders of staying in the room still stands. Open the fridge there are a few frozen dinners in there pop em in the microwave and you’re good to go.” CLICK, and with that the conversation ended and I was back to square one, confused, scared, with a massive headache and tired of these bizarre instructions. I fell in my bed and before you knew it I was fast asleep. I dreamt of life back home and how my family must be feeling. Were they aware of my disappearance? What about my friends, did they not miss me as well? It was as if life was playing a cruel joke on me and I wanted the joke to end. I need my sanity back. The worst part of it all was why my kidnappers wanted O’Brien dead. That was the only confusing thing about this whole kidnapping. O’Brien was one of the world’s richest entrepreneurs and the most caring philanthropists out there. Who was said to have donated more than 10million dollars in charity over the last five years. Now the thing on my mind was why would anyone want him to die? And why the person that had to kill him had to me? Perhaps he offended a few people but that comes with the territory of business. You don’t make it without stepping on a few toes along the way. The only mistake O’Brien made was stepping on the wrong toes. I was trying to place certain pieces of the puzzle together. Here is what I got thus far, the file that Vincent was shot over clearly had something in them that was valuable to his ex-girlfriend. One of the pages in the file was a conversation that carried out between one person and multiple  people. The strange things about the printed conversation was the dates and time, though there was only one consistent number the time intervals between the messages were also consistent. Every three days there was a message with a new number. I was able to conclude that from the little time I got reading the pages before I walked in on Vincent in the pool of blood. I was sure that this meant something, perhaps different transaction dates, or deliveries. Whatever the documents had in them was worth killing someone.


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