When She Spoke

When she spoke
The air was heavy. The heart was weak and the mind was attentive

She laid hands on the arch of my back and imparted blessings on my life. Spoke in a language the ear didn’t understand but the soul knew of its unconditional power.

Leaving the comfort of company to sit in a corner created for the purpose of the conversation

My tongue began to confess as if I was a sinner visiting the Vatican.
My story had to be told and she was the reader listening with her eyes.
She questioned the motive behind my life and brought the author to their writers block.

She spoke to me and made me aware of the glory that was sometimes hidden in the cracks of the mirror I stared at almost everyday

It was as if she picked up the pieces of the glasses and motioned me to see the beauty in me..

That I am worthy of truth. That I had the power to create proverbs that would cause the earth to be still.

That I was more than what man had conditioned my belief to be.

That my being conceived in this world was not by mistake and it was time to let go of the things of the world and allow God to enter in my life.

She spoke and left the impression with me that after God created me he took a deep breath and said Beautiful

The tears that flowed amongst our eyes was nothing but a manifestation that God had visited us that night and cleansed our vision of one another

She was the prayer I had prayed for. She was the sign I had long awaited for. The voice I needed to hear
When she spoke I knew God was reassuring me of his unwavering love for me

Her lips were the seeds I needed to begin the harvest of  my kingdom.

Glory be to God.

When she spoke my heart understood love

When she spoke the winds stood still.


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