Whats Your Motive?


In life we are often faced with many challenges that are placed in our paths to determine our strength, faith and courage. More times than we think we give in to these challenges by allowing our fears to override and ultimately control us. We have heard the mantra “The Sky’s the Limit” plenty of times but once we slowly get our feet off the ground and into the air we succumb to our fears and fall back down to our comfort level: The Ground. When we overcome our fears we do so by entering uncharted territories and we are separated from our complacent comfort zone. This is the greatest challenge of all, but it is worth the venture.

Many self-accomplished people attained success by doing things out of their usual routine. They were faced with multiple challenges and fears but they realised that the only way to overcome these challenges was to overcome their fears. In a book I am currently reading titled “The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard, places a telescope for us to see the humongous amount of power we possess only if we know how to tap into it and control our fears.  Just think about how many times you succeeded in a goal or task that was given to you or created for you by you. Think long and hard on how you accomplished those said goals and what steps you took in order to complete the tasks.  If you need a little reminder on that dramatic experience in your life it probably went something like this. You had an aim, a goal and a destination. You were focused, nonetheless distractions came your way. You were diligent in your perseverance and you accomplished the goal, tasks at hand. Most importantly you did not give into your fears. The book states that we often have predictable thought patterns that we can learn to anticipate, control and eventually transform them. “We have the means to extinguish our fears, but we lack discipline in using it.” (Burchard, B. (n.d.). The motivation manifesto: 9 declarations to claim your personal power.pg.44)

We as human beings have the power to do whatever it is we want to do.  We must set intentions for who we are, what we wish to become and how we plan to relate to the world. In doing this there needs to be a vibrant awareness of our surroundings and where we currently stand. Without this we are shooting at our target with no aim, no sense of position and no sense of direction. It is imperative that we understand where we are in life and not be disappointed when we see we are not where we hoped we would be. It is our duty to pick ourselves up and reach the goal we want. Do not make room for fear. Understand that you are your greatest asset or liability. You can either make or break yourself.

There will be distractions called enemies disguised as friends who will add to our oppression. You must not let them get in the way of your task at hand: attaining your destiny. This is not to say that all of your friends are enemies there are some genuine friends who want to see you successful, you must be discerning in determining who is who. Let go of the people with negative attitude and energy. They are vexations to the soul. Determining your destiny means you actualise your self-worth, cultivate your fears and will stop at nothing to attain it.

We are often afraid of letting go of bad situations because we have been conditioned in believing that we are not worthy of something greater. Often these thoughts are self-diagnosed. This fear boils down to two categories. Loss and hardship. We are afraid that if we gain the personal freedom needed to actualise our worth we will loss something great. Walking away from the bad relationships means losing the ability to love again, or experience any kind of affection from another human being. Walking away from the dreadful job means we lose the benefits and payments we once received. The second category of fear is hardship. Letting go is too hard to do. We are going to suffer a great amount to get what we worked so hard for. Going through the disappointments, trials is something we cannot bear again.

But this is the question I want you to ask yourself. Are you not worth the struggle? What is a little loss if the reward you will receive will be greater and bigger than what you thought you lost? Walking away from the bad job that always puts you down to gain a job that uplifts you and adores you for you. Leaving the horrible relationship where you were not given the true love and affection you needed. Will warrant the opportunity for your soul mate to find you, adore and give what all their love. Remaining humble and content will definitely get you far in life but do not allow such humility to cause you to endure things that are not worth your time and energy. Understand that remaining humble does not ensue weakness.  Do not be like the meek who were not bold enough to inherit their earth.

It is time you start declaring to yourself that you are worthy. You are worthy to go through struggles in order to reap the reward. You are worthy of being loved by someone who will worship the ground you walk on. Worthy of the career you always wanted. But declaring such worth is not going to get it for you. Remember that your hands will work so that you will enjoy the fruit of its labour. Closed hands do not get fed, therefore open your hands up to receive and work for what you deserve.




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