Personal Power

This year has started with a reminder of responsibility and is accompanied with an aroma of personalizing said responsibility.  Life is and will always carry inevitable change with its shifting seasons, policies and opinions.  Stagnation is a not the norm of life but rather a manmade principle.  Being mundane, predictable, safe and quiet is an insult to the creative process that occurred when creating you.


In Meryl Streep’s  amazing, captivating, speech at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards show, she encapsulated the essence of taking ownership of the responsibility we are all given. The beloved actress created an atmosphere for both actors and the press. She reminded the actors of the responsibility they had on the screen to portray the truth in their artistry, as she stated “An actor’s only job is to enter the lives of people who are different from us and let you feel what that feels like” Meryl Streep.  She also addressed the press and stated: “We need the principled press to hold power to account, to call them on the carpet for every outrage”(Meryl Streep). This message comes as a reminder for everyone not only actors, actresses and the press but every human being to take responsibility for the actions they take to encourage change.


No matter your artistry the fact remains that we were created for a purpose.  We cannot sit back and allow the tools that were given to us be stacked away in a closet whilst we allow others to dictate and create an illusion of what life should be. This message she put forward was also echoed in Barack Obama’s farewell address.


Barack Obama will be a voice, soul, spirit and joy that will be appreciated, missed and adored for centuries to come. Obama instilled in his hometown crowd the power of self-government and the responsibilities of continued change.  It was beautifully concluded as he finished his speech with these last few sentences “I am asking you to believe, not in my ability to bring about change — but in yours”(Barrack Obama).  Within two days we have been touched with amazing monologs from two people who are on different podiums in their careers.


Nonetheless, the messages they left behind are adjacent to one another and showcase the power of unity. Barack Obama a President, Meryl Streep an actress have set the tone for change and the duty we have to commit to the change. Though the two are not from the same industry or face the same career challenges the podiums on which they stood on unify them in a way that is unexplainable.


The power of committed change from a unified people is art in itself.


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