Give You Love

Like the water that rushes the shore gently leaving behind its nutrients

He left me well fed every time he departed from me

He was rich in his mannerisms and humble with his words 

Like the soft winds that make love to the leaves 

                                     His voice left me weak 

A skin tone so dark it made the night jealous of his light 

                                          He was my coco

                                         My sweetest delight

Simplicity rested in his eyes and I saw the heavens in his smile

                                        My best friend was he

                                                 And I his air 

He was the village warrior and King combined in one sitting 

I found it befitting to give him my world to in the depth of my heart

He is my African love song and sunset caress

                                He is best at everything he does 

                               I love the sands that hugs his feet

I love the back that he straightens when he speaks to me

I love the softness of his lips that pour out proverbs and affirmations of better days to come 

                         I fit to marry you, I fit to show you love 

Mi amour 


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