I laid in the presence of his ignorance. Gave him parts of me that I knew he was feeling.
He had conjured up the illusion that he was a gentleman. Told me he would only take parts of the cookie without unraveling the entire jar.
I had the lid to close on his hand but I foolishly allowed myself to fall into an abyss of lies told so sweet it tasted like candy
He must be for me, right?
I mean here I lie in the presence of ignorance. He failed to realize that the only thing that kept me laying beneath him was the thought that I too would be his Mona Lisa.
They say pssy is power so I was more powerful now than ever? I had him where he wanted to be.
My submission was not to the man I thought he was but to my consciousness urging me to believe that I had the power to control this man with the one thing he disrespected
So I laid there and gave him power over what he thought he conquered.
When rather all I was doing was charity work
I knew I was wrong for wanting a man who was taken, who was somehow created for me but not meant for me.
He was created to show me the danger of soft lips and tongue caresses. He was created to remind me that my self-worth is validated with my-self-worth
Stay woke that a man is not going to respect you if you take yourself for a joke
Wake the unconsciousness and understand that you are beautiful beyond imagination
Your creation is a necessity to this world
Never devalue your worth

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