Mission: Handicap Bathroom

The air was mild; the streets were buzzing, pedestrians going about their daily routines.  I had my hands in my pockets until I reached my destination. The goal was to get to a restaurant and clean up; after walking half a block I made my way to a rundown restaurant.  Bypassing everyone in the restaurant, I went straight the washroom in order to wipe away the evidence. The mission at hand was to keep my hands in my pocket no matter what, until no traces were left. I walked in the bathroom and there were two men inside. One caught my eye and looked directly in my soul, it was as if he knew my sins and was reading it before me. I did not wait for him to place the final judgment so I walked out and pushed the door open to the single handicap bathroom. I couldn’t afford someone to walk in on me so I locked the door with my mouth. Yes, this was a public washroom, the taste of lead and germs swirled in my mouth. I slowly took my hands out of my pockets. Violently, I pulled an abundance of tissue papers to turn on the faucet. The blood swirled around the sink for a while. I was shaking tremendously as I pressed the soap and began to lather my hands. I locked my fingers together and I felt his head in my hands, the feeling of pounding him into shreds rested upon my foamy hands. I lathered for a few more minutes and like an unjust miracle, my sins were washed away. I placed my face close to the faucet and in an attempt to make myself new again, splashed the water on my face. Everything was going according to plan and despite the gruesome fatalities, the mission at hand was worth a few lives being lost. After the habitual ritual repentance of washing my hands, I straightened my attire, brushed my hair, placed a gum in my mouth and made my way to the door of the bathroom.  As my hand touched the door knob a text came to my phone. I opened the washroom door as I read the message. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked up to see a swarm of police pointing their guns at me. People were yelling and I couldn’t make a clear picture of the faces that were screaming at me. In an attempt to come out of the washroom one cop yelled: “Make one fucking move and I’ll shoot.” A smirk came on my face. “You think this is funny tough guy?” the same cop asked.  “Oh no sir, absolutely not. I am as troubled your tone of voice clearly indicates that my life is in more danger than yours” I said with the utmost calmness of voices.  Before we could continue our conversation one of his colleagues came closer to me and forced me to place my hands behind my back as he arrested me. He began to read me my Maranda rights. I faintly recollect what he said as I tuned him out and began staring directly at the officer who yelled at me in the beginning. My biggest pet peeve is when someone yells at me. I am going to get him back. I don’t know how or when but I know I will get him back. The cop who was arresting me pulled me towards him and we made our way out of the restaurant. The situation had escalated and a crowd formed outside of the restaurant.  Before I was placed in the back seat of the car I heard her voice. “D” she yelled as she ran to me.


Back Of Cop Car

My heart was racing faster than ever as I saw her big brown eyes; she was making her way past the crowd to get closer to me. “D, what happened? What are they doing to you?” she asked, an in attempt to touch me she was shoved back by the same cop that yelled at me. “Get back, you place your hands on him and I will arrest your Black ass too” he said. “Chelsea, it’s not what it looks like, I …” before I could finish my sentence I was being pushed into the backseat of the cop car. Our eyes locked and part of me felt sick to have the one thing that kept me sane see me in such a predicament. She said I love you and blew me a kiss before the cop drove off. Sitting in the cop car with your hands tied behind your back is a very uncomfortable. Even in this uncomfortable state, I had nothing to worry about.  However, my heart was heavy because Chelsea, the love of my life, the one whom I was going to run away with saw me in this state. I cleared my throat “Do you mind opening the window? I need some fresh air”. The cop in the passenger seat turned back to look at me with a confused look and  the cop who was driving at me looked at me through the rear view mirror. The cop in the passenger seat was about to say something when it happened. The windows crashed in and pullets were flying all over. I took cover by falling to the ground of the car.  This was a new approach to rescue people I thought. My team was never this sloppy; everything was done smoothly and efficiently without leaving a trace of evidence. The shots stopped coming in, I was slightly bruised due to the broken windows. Still in the cover position I counted to 15, when my door swung open. I tried to make sense of the faces but the sun was brighter than ever and shinning directly in my direction. Before I was able to fully open my eyes a black bag was placed over my head and a needle was in my back. I lost all consciousness and my body felt numb.  Eventually the screaming and yelling began to fade and I was fast asleep.

Cold water was splashed in my face and immediately I woke up. My eyes were hurting and I wasn’t able to make out the moving figures. I was trying to move my hand but I realized I was still handcuffed, this time to a chair. My sight came to me and there he stood. Looking me dead in the face, he had an uncanny grin to him that was both sickening and frightening at the same time. He inched closer to me and whispered “It must be nice to see me, aint it?” I hated Chrisino’s guts as if he were the devil himself. We had mutual distaste for each other. The gang he worked for was my arch nemesis. We were always after the same thing, money, drugs, women, top government secrets you name it. A few times he crossed the line and the battles between our gangs became personal between him and I. “This is a new way to go unnoticed? Shooting a cop car in broad daylight? I find this routine completely juvenile.” I said. Now that I knew what I was up against I became more comfortable in my seat. “You are such a fool! I thought years of battle and struggle you would understand that I will always be ten steps ahead of you. I am not after you in terms of the silly task you were given.” The gang I was affiliated with gave its agents tasks that needed to be completed periodically. Once you received the instructions for the task you were given 48 hours to complete, If you didn’t complete the task in the time frame you were executed. I knew this idiot standing in front of me was fully aware of such doctrine and knew I never went a second over the 48 hours, so all this babbling was just a way to beat around the bush. The blood I was washing off my hands earlier was evidence of the task being completed.“ I always admired your stage presence and how theatrical you are. What do you want?” I asked him.  He smirked and nodded his head. “I want the chip,” Chrisno said as he inched closer to my face.  The chip was a chip that held the information to my gang’s secret missions, our agents, their locations, rogue agents and other top secret information he would never get. I looked at him and glanced around in the room. There were 10 guys in the room I was being held in and to my guess another 5 outside standing guard. If a fight were to occur, I knew what I was up against.  “You got to be kidding me. Chrisssy Baby, you and I both know that you will never get the chip. Hell must freeze over before such things happen.” I got extra comfortable in my seat.


Game Over

He slowly inched away from me and smiled. “I knew you would say something like that, bring it in” after he said those words two of his men left and came back with someone who had a bag over their head. Chrisno, removed the bag and Chelsea was standing there. She looked around her surrounding and when we locked eyes she ran to me but before she could hold me Chrisno pulled her back and slapped her, she fell to the ground. “No!” I attempted to get out of my chair but I was still handcuffed. Chrisno picked Chelsea from the ground and stood behind her. He started fondling her and took out a knife; “Now, I can cut her neck,” he said as he traced the knife across her throat “Or I can stab her in the right place where she will bleed to death slowly. Just like how you did my boy back in ’06.Remember that?” My blood was boiling at this point, everything was between Chrisno and I, never have we gone to the extent of including family members or partners. This was an act of war; a bloody war. “You wouldn’t dare” I called his bluff. Chrisno smiled at me and with one swift move cut Chelsea’s throat, she cried out, fell to the floor and looked me. “D, please give him what he needs.” Chelsea said as she clinched her neck. Chrisno came to stand behind me and got close enough that his mouth was near my ear. “You see that cut if left untreated will cause her to bleed to death. We don’t want that now do we? She’s cute” Everything in me was boiling and if it weren’t for the handcuff I would cut off his lips and have fun with his death. “D! Please. For me” Chelsea said as she was on the floor clinging on to her life; I looked at Chrisno and back at Chelsea, who was in much pain. I was a warrior and trained not to let anything cause me to compromise my team. The love I have for Chelsea was too much to let go. She reminded me that I could be normal. “Take off my left shoe, cut underneath the sole and the chip is there.” I instructed Chrisno. He did as I was told and after 3 mins of cutting and adjusting he had the chip in his hand. “Uncuff him. But keep your guns on him” he instructed his boys. After my hands were free I ran to Chelsea’s side and picked her up from the ground. “Babe I am so sorry, I never wanted to hurt you. Here. Hold this to your neck” I took off my shirt and gave it to her to press on her neck. She didn’t say a word, she just looked at me with anger, confusion and pain. “D, as she calls you, my voice will be extremely happy with what we did here. I think we should get in contact with the boss.” Chrisno said as he walked towards us. I pushed Chelsea behind my back for protection and stood Chrisno in the face. “This is war, This means death for you and your boss. When I find him. I will kill him and you.” I said. Chrisno laughed and stepped back, he took one good look at me as if he were checking out a girl. Before I said another word I felt a gun to my head. “Why don’t you tell that to her,” Chrisno said as he turned me around to face his boss, Chelsea. She had the gun pointed to my head and threw the shirt I gave her to the floor. “I hate to do this to you. D. You were so good to me, But this is a business. Your weakness got me to show my face and gain your trust. Sometimes if you want shit done, you do it yourself” Chelsea said as she continued to hold the gun to my face. A lump came in my throat and it was at this moment, I knew I messed up. Chrisno went to stand behind her and he kissed her cheek. The person I sacrifice my team for was pointing a gun at me. Before explanations were made and final words were said, three shots rang out.




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