Black Panther Review

By: Ohemaa Smith Disclaimer: This is my opinion of the movie Black Panther.     Black Panther Review     Let's start with the infamous quote that has been going circulating the web this entire weekend "Wakanda For Life"!! This past weekend Marvel released their most anticipated movie, "Black Panther". This movie was directed by Ryan Coogler who is also famously known for directing movies such … Continue reading Black Panther Review


The Selective African

The Selective African What does it mean to be an African? How does one define an African? Is it by the darkness of our flesh? OR the swiftness of our tongue. Is it about the vibrant colors of our many traditions or the soft gentle whispers of wisdoms told in our proverbs? Is it the … Continue reading The Selective African

Personal Power

This year has started with a reminder of responsibility and is accompanied with an aroma of personalizing said responsibility.  Life is and will always carry inevitable change with its shifting seasons, policies and opinions.  Stagnation is a not the norm of life but rather a manmade principle.  Being mundane, predictable, safe and quiet is an … Continue reading Personal Power

Whats Your Motive?

  In life we are often faced with many challenges that are placed in our paths to determine our strength, faith and courage. More times than we think we give in to these challenges by allowing our fears to override and ultimately control us. We have heard the mantra “The Sky’s the Limit” plenty of … Continue reading Whats Your Motive?

AfroBeats & The Movement

Make I dey your body like skin tight is the stanza that has taken the world by storm. It has been featured on various celebrity snapchats from Kylie Jenner, Rita Ora to Justine Skye. Now the infamous track performed by Nigerians hottest up and coming artist Mr. Eazi, Ghana’s soulful Queen Efya, produced by London’s … Continue reading AfroBeats & The Movement