Unexpected Company

Vincent stood there for a minute before putting the gun on safety and placing it behind his back pants. He then walked to Sandra’s body and bent down. He searched her neck and found a necklace, after removing the necklace her picked her head up slightly and kissed her lips. This was a farewell kiss, a … Continue reading Unexpected Company


Hey John VI

Everything made sense, almost as if my destiny had finally caught up me and was becoming more apparent through my reality. I do not remember how long we stood there staring at each other but I knew she was thinking the same thing as well. Her lips quivered and then she finally let the words … Continue reading Hey John VI

Hey John V

I woke up around 8am the next morning with a massive headache I decided to take a shower and warm some of the frozen dinners up to eat. I was hungry and didn’t care what time of day it was. After my shower I got dressed turned on the television to catch up on some … Continue reading Hey John V

Hey John PT III

  The knock came again and I stood there frozen, cold and dripping wet, wrapped in my towel. I slowly walked to the door and couldn’t believe the person standing there. It was the guy with the staring problem from the restaurant. How in God’s name did he find me? This made absolutely no sense … Continue reading Hey John PT III

Hey John Pt. II

The voice was seductive as it was frightening. “John, you seem like a smart man with many credentials. Going to the police station however makes me worry about your thinking skills.” I did not know whether to run, cry or scream. I wanted to do all the above. The one chance I had in figuring … Continue reading Hey John Pt. II