Heaven You are a visual representation of the paint brush that God used when creating the best parts of me You are my God-given masterpiece, perfectly crafted to understand my love. For the first time I can smile again knowing that I am in the presence of someone who was tailored for me. Like the … Continue reading Heaven



I laid in the presence of his ignorance. Gave him parts of me that I knew he was feeling. Literally He had conjured up the illusion that he was a gentleman. Told me he would only take parts of the cookie without unraveling the entire jar. I had the lid to close on his hand … Continue reading Prelude

When She Spoke

When she spoke The air was heavy. The heart was weak and the mind was attentive She laid hands on the arch of my back and imparted blessings on my life. Spoke in a language the ear didn't understand but the soul knew of its unconditional power. Leaving the comfort of company to sit in … Continue reading When She Spoke


Don't settle You deserve orgasms off words too. You deserve the soles of your feet to walk on nothing but gold You deserve to be loved by thousands, truth be told you deserve Gods adoration Like the Kadupul Flower, you can not be bought. A rare necessity the world needs. A Picasso masterpiece. The definition … Continue reading Don’t

Nocturnal Conversation

Nocturnal Conversation Darkened atmosphere with a ray of artificial HD lights hitting your vision.. Small gestures lead to cognitive peregrination. An oasis I sit thinking about the ways to leave hints that my winks do not imply a childish game of I think I like you. Rather that I need you to be my future … Continue reading Nocturnal Conversation

Alomo No Dey For Heaven

Where the sun and moon meet is when I touch you with silhouette gloves and whisper to your thoughts Tranquility in your most disruptive form. You are a beautiful sin I plan to repeat until my repentance becomes feeble. Tell me to submit to your every condition. And I will with no hesitation. Make I … Continue reading Alomo No Dey For Heaven